What's if I have clothing
I would like to consign?
We accept ladies new and nearly new clothing, no older than 2 fashion seasons, for consignment on a seasonal basis --that is, spring clothing accepted in the spring, winter clothing in the winter, etc,.
All items must be in mint or near mint condition, freshly laundered or dry cleaned, pressed, and ON HANGERS.
Please note, If you smoke, or live with a smoker, we will not be able to accept your clothing unless they are odor and smoke free.
All shoes must be polished, and wiped off, both inside the shoe and on the bottoms.  We do not accept any shoes with any scuffs on them -- anywhere.  If you cannot read the brand name label in the sole or, if you can see "toe prints" in the sole, we will not be able to accept these items.
We accept items in groups of 25 - 35 items at a time
We set the starting price for your item at 1/3 to 1/2 of what the original retail would have been.
 We then pay you 50% (half) of the
selling price.
 (Not a 40% payout to the consignor like some other shops!)
  Following the first 30 days of your item being on our
sales floor, we do periodic mark downs, 20% - 25% at a time, during the remainder of the 60 day consignment period.
We do not charge any sort of consignment, advertising,
set-up or consignor fee to you or to your account.  Other than bringing your items in to us, there is no cost for this venture to you!
 We will gladly make an appointment for you to view your items while you wait, however, NO Appointment is necessary, so long as you are willing to come back and pick up anything we may not be able to use.
 We call this a "drop off" or a
a "Fashion Dash-In" 
Please Call 706-660-9999
for details.  We so look forward
to working with you soon!
Woman and designer shoes
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