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A Little More on Accessories . . .

I ended my last blog post discussing the importance of earrings for the Spring 2012 Season.  Since then, many of you have stopped searching for that fabulous piece of "ear candy" to update your look and we sure do appreciate your business!  During one of these visits, a long time customer and I got into a great discussion about accessories . . . Why are accessories most often underrated?
So ---- Why are accessories most often underrated?  With one bib necklace, you can send a message that you’re a woman in charge.

More Spring Trends 2012

Welcome back, Fashion Lovers!
I’m back to bring you a few more Spring trends for 2012! (I will say that I’m purposefully bringing you small doses of trends because there are so many!)
A lot of the trends tend to overlap this season. For example, last time I mentioned that pastels AND neons are popular this season – as well as a huge craze about yellow!
So . . .  Let’s keep taking our small bites out of the”fashion apple!”
- Tropical Floral Fiesta! -
The category sounds silly, but it is so true!

Spring Trends 2012

Welcome Back, Fashion (and Bargain!) Lovers!
Earlier this week I posted a blog about the importance of color for Spring 2012. Well, since then, I have had several customers ask me for more info on what the trends are for this coming season and I am happy to oblige!  Yes, I will talk a little more about color – and then talk about a whole lot more!
So – Here are the hottest trends for Spring 2012!
1) Princess Chic
All right, ladies, I know this sounds a little corny – but Princess chic is in!

It's All About Color!!

Although the calender still says it is a month a way, the birds, butterflies, and balmy temps say something different -- SPRING IS HERE!  Prepare to be bold this season -- as bold as Spring's arrival itself! From prints to pastels, the palette of the season is definitely all about mixing colors and textures for truly statement-worthy ensembles. So grab your loudest and proudest pieces and take on the warmer weather in style!
Bright colors are a signature sign that sunshine is on its way, and we're soaking up all the "chromaticity" that we can.

Spring 2012 at New For You!

Hello there!
It has been a long time since my last post -- nearly a year in fact!  However, I am glad to say that all is well with us at New For You and we hope the same is for you!  In fact, the only thing missing from our lives right now IS YOU! :)
Starting last week, New For You began receiving our new Spring items for 2012 and boy, if the first week is any indication of what this season will bring, then we are all in for a treat!  Bright colors, On Trend fashions, Wonderful Handbags and shoes and all of it in such a wide range of sizes!

And So it Begins . . . New For You Consignment Boutique - The Blog!

And so it begins . . . the first entry in my very first blog!  Not sure what to say except that I just know that this year, 2011, is going to be great!!  Tomorrow is February 1, and is the official start of our 19th Spring Season at New For You!  I praise God that He has allowed us to serve both Him and our community in so many ways over these past 19 years and I am so grateful to all of our loyal customers who have shopped with us throughout the years!  As I said . .
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