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Time to clean those closets out for Fall!

Since it is time for the seasons to change, at least in the “retail world,” I am starting to think about cleaning out those closets – both mine and yours – and getting items together to consign atNew For You this Fall! Beginning next week, we will be taking in Fall transitional items and would love to haveyourthings in our store to sell!!  We are always taking new consignors – all sizes – and can really help you “clean clutter” and “coup some cash!”  Just give us a call!!


I recently read about a study where random people were asked to bring in their favorite pair of shoes. Then, a class of college students were asked to guess the attributes of the person who owns the shoes, by seeing only the shoes, not the people. Turns out, the students were 90% correct!
Wow, this makes shoe shopping even more important than I thought it was before, as it evidently broadcasts to the world who I am!
What I think flats say about the woman who wears them is that she's sophisticated, but balanced.


Welcome back, Fashion Lovers!
This week, we’re going to try something a little different. We’d like to put the spotlight on some of our favorite designers, so we’ve chosen to start with Coach, designer of affordable and adorable handbags and shoes.  So ---- A little history lesson…
Coach was founded in 1941 by a couple that was particularly skilled at making leather goods. The company discovered ways that they could make leather that was soft and supple, but still durable in the long run.

New For You Consignment Boutique Blog - Everyday Glamour!

Everyday Glamour!
I think it is a common misconception that glamour is all about “dressing up.”  But putting your hair up and wearing something formal isn't the only way to be "glamorous." There are two kinds of glamour -- one for the red carpet and one you can incorporate into every day. While red carpet glamour is certainly a lot of fun, (we all love to dress up), everyday glamour is about a finished look you can move in, the details that finish the look, and the way that you feel in it.

New For You Blog - When to Splurge?

When To Splurge?
Welcome back, Fashion Lovers!
This week, we’re going to talk about something that no woman enjoys talking about: How much we spend on our clothing.
The numbers that are associated with the cost of our clothes are almost as taboo as our ages and weights (although everyone knows we are firmly set at 120 lbs and age 29!  Man – how I wish!)
So, If I had to guess, I would wager that most women do not eagerly share how much money they spend on clothing; sometimes denying they’ve purchased anything new at all!

"Lord, extend my territories . . . "

Just a short note today.  Not about fashion or trends, but about a new step we are taking here at New For You.  Today, after 20 years in business, we are officially launching our Facebook Page for the shop!   This is something that I have been working on and planning for several months.  Finally, just a few minutes ago, I uploaded our very first photo images to our facebook page! 
Now, for everyone out there who is computer literate, this sounds like no  big deal but, for me, who can do just a little more than turn the coomputer off and on, this is a very big deal!

Summer Dresses -- To The Max!

I love the summer time and, if I had my wish, I would wear and declare that the maxi dress become the uniform of choice in the summertime! The right summer dress is much more flattering than shorts, covers a multitude of sins in the "cellulite and/or I didn't have time to shave today" categories, and draws attention to the upper body, where most women are naturally leaner.
There are some good rules to remember when choosing a great summer dress.
Find a style that works with a traditional bra if you're not comfortable wearing a strapless bra on long, hot summer days.
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